Welcome to First Evangelical Free Church of Boone

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit here and learn more about the ministries, mission, and services of First Evangelical Free Church of Boone, Iowa!

The reason our namne is "First" is because we are the very first Evangelical Free Church here in America! Our roots go back to the revivals in Sweden and Norway, in the 1800's. Our Swedish forefathers came here to America to be free from the State Church and to express their freedom to worship and teach, and to extend the gospel under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and not human government.

We invite you to visit us at First Free! We would love to help you in your relationship with God. It would be our privilege to help you discover how that relationshipo works out in your life.

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Our mission

Our mission is clear and simple: To glorify God by making wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. We are all about discipleship and disciple-making. Everything we do is aimed at helping people know, love, trust, and follow Jesus as Lord.

Thanks for visiting us!

Who are we?

We are First. We are the historic first Evangelical Free Church here in America. Our church began in 1884.

We are Evangelical. We are passionate about the gospel. (The word "evangelical" means gospel, which is God's good news!) We want to teach the gospel, live the gospel, and share the gospel to everyone in Boone and around the world!

We are Free. We are free in Christ from religious institutions, and free to live out the scriptures with joy toward the Lord and one another.